Table of Contents: the Database Template Library

  1. Introduction to the DTL
  2. How to use the documentation
  3. Code Examples - or how DTL can make your life easier
  4. Installation and Release Notes
  5. DTL performance document
  6. Containers
    1. DBView
    2. Indexed DBView Container
    3. Dynamic DBView Container
    4. Dynamic IndexedDBview Container
    5. RandomDBView Container
  7. DBView Iterators
    1. Select Iterator
    2. Insert Iterator
    3. Update Iterator
    4. Delete Iterator
    5. SQL Iterator (Support for stored procedures)
    6. Select Update Iterator (Read/Write iterator to be able to easily modify rows as we read them from the database)
  8. Algorithms
    1. bulk_copy (support for bulk fetch and bulk insert).
  9. Exception Handling
    1. Exceptions in the Database Template Library: an Overview
    2. Exception Safety in DTL
    3. Exceptions
      1. RootException
      2. DBException
      3. ETIException
      4. ValidityException
      5. VariantException
  10. Functors
    1. BCA
    2. BPA
    3. Local BCA's and Local BPA's
    4. InsVal
    5. SelVal
    6. IOHandler
    7. AlwaysThrowsHandler
    8. LoggingHandler
    9. BulkFetchHandler
    10. Global error handler
    11. ContainerFactory
  11. Utilities (Supporting types/concepts)
    1. DBConnection
    2. DBStmt
    3. BoundIO and BoundIOs
    4. Using DTL_TABLE to quickly map a table to a struct
    5. Working with NULL data
    6. Supported data types
    7. Working with strings longer than 255 characters in length
    8. Support for ODBC catalog functions to retrieve database metadata
    9. Using Field Names with Spaces in DTL
    10. DTL performance benchmarks
    11. cb_ptr_fun() and cb_ptr_fun_w_ret()
    12. jtime_c
    13. tcstring
    14. ValidatedObject
    15. variant_row
    16. variant_field
    17. vec_multiset
    18. Rich Hickey's C++ Callback Library - much of our functor support is implemented with a modified and extended version of this library
    19. Unicode Support
    20. Multithreading Support
    21. Binding user-defined / non-primitive types.

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Copyright 2002, Michael Gradman and Corwin Joy.

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