Index of DTL Code Examples

Working with a table where you know the columns at compile time

Using iterators (DBView)

  1. Simple select example with automatically created class.
  2. Simple select example with user defined class.
  3. Simple insert example.
  4. Simple update example.
  5. Simple delete example.
  6. Simple select-update example.

Using a container (IndexedDBView)

  1. IndexedDBView example.

Using a random access container (RandomDBView)

  1. RandomDBView example.

Working with a table where you don't know the columns until runtime

Using iterators (DynamicDBView)

  1. Simple select example.
  2. Simple insert example.
  3. Simple update example.
  4. Simple delete example.
  5. Simple select-update example.
  6. Copy an arbitrary table.
  7. Execute an arbitrary query and prompt for any parameters.

Using a container (DynamicIndexedDBView)

  1. DynamicIndexedDBView example.

Using a random access container (RandomDBView)

  1. RandomDBView container built from a DynamicDBView.

Other Topics

  1. Making it easier to map database fields to objects: Local BCA.
  2. Working with NULLs.
  3. Executing simple SQL statements.
  4. Stored Procedures. (See also sql_iterator.)
  5. Working with functions, e. g.: count(*), sum(*), etc.
  6. Handling errors. (See also Exception Handling)
  7. Binding user-defined / non-primitive types.


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