// Execute an arbitrary query and prompt for any parameters

void ExecQuery(string sql)


	DynamicDBView<> view(sql, "");

	DynamicDBView<>::sql_iterator sql_it(view);

	// Show query

	cout << sql << "\n\n";


	// Prompt user for any parameters

	for (size_t i = 0; i < sql_it.GetBoundParamCount(); i++)


		cout << "Please enter the value for parameter number " << i << "\n";

		string param;

		cin >> param;

		// get param

		sql_it.Params()[i] = param;


	// Force an execute in case there is no result set, e.g. INSERT, DELETE

	*sql_it = view.GetDataObj();

	// Print results

	while (sql_it != view.end())


		cout << *sql_it << "\n";




void ExecQueryExample() {

	ExecQuery("SELECT * from DB_EXAMPLE WHERE INT_VALUE = (?)");


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