AlwaysThrowsHandler<DataObj, ParamObj>

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A AlwaysHandler is an IOHandler function object that is called when exceptions are thrown in DB_iterator operations. This handler simply tells the caller to throw the exception (dtl_ios_base::THROW_EXCEPTION).


Defined in the DBView.h header file.

Associated types

LoggingHandler, BulkFetchHandler, IOHandler.

Public Base Classes


Template parameters

Parameter Description Default
DataObj The value type of objects in a DBView.  
ParamObj The type of object used to specify the postfix parameters to the DBView. DefaultParamObj<DataObj> 



X A type that is a model of AlwaysThrowsHandler
a Object of type X

Expression semantics

Name Expression Precondition Semantics Postcondition
Default constructor
X a()
  Construct the function object.  
Copy constructor
X a(constX &b)
  Copy construct the AlwaysThrowsHandler.  
Assignment Operator X operator=(const X &b)   Assign the AlwaysThrowsHandler.  
Throw exception operator
dtl_ios_base::MeansOfRecovery operator()(RootException &ex, dtl_ios_base &base, DataObj &data, ParamObj &params)
  This operator takes references to the thrown RootException object, the dtl_ios_base (iterator) which threw, and the DataObj and ParamObj relevant to the exception. Tells the iterator to throw the exception (dtl_ios_base::THROW_EXCEPTION).  


See also

LoggingHandler, BulkFetchHandler, IOHandler, DBView, IndexedDBView

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