Database Template Library Programmer's Guide

The goal of this library is to make ODBC recordsets look just like an STL container. What is more, we do this portably so the abstraction can run on multiple platforms and C++ compilers. As a user, you can move through our containers using standard STL iterators; and if you insert(), erase() or replace() records in our containers changes can be automatically migrated to the database for you. The library's compliance with the STL iterator and container standards means you can plug our abstractions into a wide variety of STL algorithms for data storage, searching and manipulation. In addition, the C++ reflection mechanism used by our library to bind to database tables allows us to add generic indexing and lookup properties to our containers with no special code required from the end-user. Because our code takes full advantage of the template mechanism, our library adds minimal overhead compared with using raw ODBC calls to access a database.

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